Mail from Elaine Forzano to Jan Marius (Oct. 25, 2007)

I met Dino in the Village in 1960. He used to play and sing “Hey Joe” down in the Cafe Wha? on MacDougall Street. I never heard anyone but Dino do that song in the Village. He sang it with so much passion and drama, perhaps due to the stormy relationship he was having with his old lady at the time, a beautiful tall blond folksinger named Judy Eden. In his recording, Jimi Hendrix did the song a lot like Dino, with that slow building of the guitar with each verse. They played together at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Francisco in the late ’60s, and I believe that is where Jimi must have gotten the song. I got to hear Dino do it many times solo on stage, seated on a stool with his guitar resting on one knee, the other foot pounding out the rhythm, his eyes closed and his head thrown back, like a condemned man. Whew!!!!

PS Dino used to sing “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that dollar in your hand…

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