Mail from Steve Gurr (March 21, 2010)

Jan!!!…I spoke to Billy!!!…he can’t talk very well,and it’s frustrating to him, but I heard a few words…I’m told by the woman that works on the floor he lives that he lit up when my name was mentioned to him… that feels good as we havn’t spoken in about,oh,28 years or so…very emotional experience…I played some harmonica for him..
Stevie’s website:

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2 Responses to Mail from Steve Gurr (March 21, 2010)

  1. Stevie Gurr says:

    …I met him in early 1970,and was introduced to him at the old “Wine Cellar” in Ghirardelli Square…Ted James,a guitarist and mutual friend had told me about him,and also told Billy about me…Ted had told him that I was a precocious you…ng harmonica player,and Billy said,”yeah,yeah,I’ve heard about this many times”,but after hearing me play for just a few moments,he later told me his first thoughts were.”…oh Shit,he really CAN play…”…we went through a lot together,believe me…have any of you heard the Grits album,”Thoughts Of California”???…

  2. Nancy Roberts says:

    Dear Stevie,
    Wow! I am so excited I can barely type! Please I need to find Billy so that he can meet his grandson, now 13. Billy’s son Andy and I were married 14 years ago, Andrew Jr. is 13. Sadly, Andy died of lung cancer October 30, 2010. One of his last wishes was to bring his son together with his father.Please help me do this. Send all email to

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