Billy Roberts’ mom passed away

Today Stevie Gurr wrote me: Billy Roberts’ mom just passed away…she was 102.
Thank you Stevie

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2 Responses to Billy Roberts’ mom passed away

  1. John Besharian says:

    Where’s Billy; who’s taking care of him; what’s to become of him??? (I.e.: Since, I believe, his son has passed away, who decides?) Do the band members of “Grits” know? The producer of “Thoughts of California, Hillel Ressner? Why do I ask? I’m John Besharian and I’ve known, played and recorded with Billy in various combinations from 1969 until I moved away from the city (SF) in 1986.

    • John Besharian says:

      Addendum: Billy is the officially recognized author of “Hey Joe”, who, to this day, receives royalties from the song. It was the second song he wrote, and, did so when he was playing in the village in New York. Very shortly after doing so, he went to France “For the experience” to do some “Busking” (i.e.: playing on the streets and passing the hat). When he returned, everyone was congratulating him on the success of his song, a success with which he was unfamiliar. It seems that his manager had taken the song down to Coconut Grove, Florida (Fred Neal territory), whereby it went in two directions; West to Los Angles where the Byrds did it as their show stopper (but refused to record it as it didn’t “fit their image”), and Northwest, to Seattle, Washington, where it was picked up by Jimi Hendrix and the rest is history. This is what Billy has told me personally and I fully believe him as he had the royalty checks to prove it when we lived, played and recorded at 2249 Fillmore street in San Francisco, California in the mid-seventies.

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