Hey Joe – Introduction

“Hey Joe”, a traditional song performed by many artists. Sometimes credited to Billy Roberts. Sometimes credited to Dino Valenti a.k.a. Jesse Oris Farrow, née Chester Powers, who became the lead singer of Quicksilver Messenger Service.
In 1965 “Hey Joe” was recorded by The Leaves. In 1966 they recorded it again with a fuzztone guitar sound. Also the Surfaris, Byrds, Love, Shadows of Night, Warlocks and many other bands recorded the song in 1966. Tim Rose recorded “Hey Joe” in 1966, one month before the Leaves’ version entered the charts. Rose played the song at less than half the tempo. He changed the key of the song to E instead of A. Rose also roared out the verses, and added his own variant on their structure. Jimi Hendrix picked up this version of “Hey Joe” and made a European hit out of it in 1967. Since then many other great guitar players have performed this song.
A Japanese group called the Golden Cups recorded a version in 1968 that adapted the song to different cultural standards.

See also: Sixties Rock Garage , Psychedelic & Other Satisfactions By Michael Hicks (University of Illinois Press)

Thanks to Christian Arnould for additional information.

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