Mail from Andrew Christopher Roberts Sr (March 14, 2008)

My mom emailed me your site. My name is Andrew Christopher Roberts Sr.. Bill is my father. Surprise! I was born 8/1/1961 as Hillel mentioned they met in Nevada that year, where Bill was divorcing my mother. I never met him until I was 15. We hooked up in sfo. 2249 Fillmore St. Never forget that place. Billy was blown away by how much him was in me though we had never met! I too was an aspiring songwriter, singer, harp player rythym guitar (not quite player at that point), there was a lot more to Billy than many people know…..master martial, artist, samuri, sun-don akido master, marksman, genius, beautiful, tortured soul,lover, extraodinaire man, the incredible woman folk that would line up,just to take a ride on the w.m.r.railroad and get their own heart broke. I’m 46 now, and I lost track of Billy very shortly after the accident in 92′. His mother snatched him up, tucked him away somewhere, and told none where he was or how he was. Until I came across a site about him I didn’t know if he was dead or alive, and I’ve been searching for him ever since. He doesn’t know that he is a grandfather of the world’s most wonderful ten year old boy, Andrew jr. If you or any one out there knows his whereabouts I would be forever grateful for that knowledge, If billy is still holdin’ on like the tough old bear that he is, I would love for he and his grandson to meet before it’s to late. You see my days are numberd on this big blue marble, due to numerous health issues and I would love the chance to introduce theese two very incredible poeple, thanks for your time.
Andy Roberts
P.S. The chick who claims that Bill stole Hey Joe from her is wrong! (orginal espression for wrong edited by Jan Marius) The song was written as a parody to the old song Frankie and Johnny, and he had my mother on his mind! So we can put that nonsense to rest once and for all!

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Mail from Elaine Forzano to Jan Marius (Oct. 25, 2007)

I met Dino in the Village in 1960. He used to play and sing “Hey Joe” down in the Cafe Wha? on MacDougall Street. I never heard anyone but Dino do that song in the Village. He sang it with so much passion and drama, perhaps due to the stormy relationship he was having with his old lady at the time, a beautiful tall blond folksinger named Judy Eden. In his recording, Jimi Hendrix did the song a lot like Dino, with that slow building of the guitar with each verse. They played together at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Francisco in the late ’60s, and I believe that is where Jimi must have gotten the song. I got to hear Dino do it many times solo on stage, seated on a stool with his guitar resting on one knee, the other foot pounding out the rhythm, his eyes closed and his head thrown back, like a condemned man. Whew!!!!

PS Dino used to sing “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that dollar in your hand…

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Mail from Nancy Roberts to Jan Marius (Oct. 4, 2007)

My name is Nancy Roberts. I am the mother of Andrew C. Roberts, Jr., who is also the son of Andrew C. Roberts, Sr.(aka Andy), my estranged husband. Andy was born on 8/1/61 to Susan and Billy Roberts. At first Billy denied it was his child. Years later, Andy travelled to San Francisco to find his father, and the resemblance was undeniable. Andy has met Christie Roberts, but she never liked him. She would not tell him where his father was after his accident. Andy and I were married on 5/14/97. Andy has been hoping to find his father for a long time, especially after our son was born on 12/14/97.
Both of my parents died before Andrew Jr. was born. Susan, Billy’s ex-wife, is an active part of his life. Andrew Jr. would love a chance to meet his grandpa. Please write back with any info you or Hillel might have about how to get in touch with Billy. I have included a photo of Andy, Billy’s son, taken in 2000, and a recent photo of Andrew.

Andy Roberts, Son Andrew Christopher Roberts 2000

Andy Roberts, Son Andrew Christopher Roberts 2007 or 2008

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Mail from Bruce Long to Jan Marius (May 27, 2007)

When “The Leaves” performed Hey Joe live, around the time they released their first single of it, a verse was included which was not on the recorded version. I saw them perform it at least a dozen times. As I recall, that verse was:

Hey Joe, what did you do?
Hey Joe, now tell me, what did you do?
Well I shot that woman and did the same to that goddamned man.
Well I shot that woman and did the same to that goddamned man.

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Mail from from Third Palm Music (April 26, 2006)

Dear Jan – We have always paid royalties to Billy Roberts, and only Billy Roberts, as the author of the song. We would have no reason to pay anyone else. Thanks for making the site, it is very informative.
Sincerely, Evan Cohen, Third Palm Music, Los Angeles

We represent copyright proprietor, Third Palm Music, which is the successor-in-interest to Third Story Music. Third Palm Music is the sole and exclusive worldwide copyright owner of “Hey Joe” written by Billy Roberts. I enjoyed your website and thank you for your work. I thought you might want to have our information, so people seeking to license “Hey Joe” can contact us. Thanks again for your efforts. Kindest regards.
Joanne J. Terrell
Cohen and Cohen, 740 N. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90038, USA

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The Tale of Billy Roberts by Hillel Resner, close friend and ex-manager of Billy Roberts (May 7, 2005)

A friend of mine (the guitar player Stevie Gurr, who plays with Elvin Bishop and others) told me about your site. It just goes to prove that you really can find anything on the Internet! Anyway, I probably know as much about Billy Roberts and “Hey Joe” as anyone, having been his close friend since 1962 and his manager for a number of years in the 1970s.

E-mail from Hillel Resner to Jan Marius (May 7, 2005)

Read ‘The Tale of Billy Roberts’ here on the site

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Mail from Niela (Halleck) Miller, ex-girlfriend of Billy Roberts

I would like to set the record straight about Hey Joe…the Untold Story.
In the late fifties, Billy Roberts was my boyfriend for awhile. I was a songwriter and had written a song called
“Baby Please Don’t Go To Town”. It is copyrighted. He stole it from me, kept the melody and put different words to it. thereby turning it into Hey Joe. My music publisher at the time advised me against suing Billy because Dino Valente’s name appeared on the recording and it would have been a long and expensive process.
Please let Billy know that whenever he wants to make amends, I would welcome it.

On January 4, 2004 Niela Miller wrote Jan Marius:

Thought the site readers would be interested in the original words before Billy Roberts changed them. The famous chord progression was mine ie F C G D A. The original song had a bridge: A C D G. A C D G. then back to the original chord progression. Even the question answer format was mine.

Baby, please don’t go to town

Baby, what you gonna do in town?
I said, Baby, what you gonna do in town?
I’m gonna sit at the bar with my feet tucked in
Drinkin’ all the beer and whiskey and gin
And lookin’ at the young men always hangin’ round.
Lookin’ at the young men always hangin’ round.

Baby, what you gonna do in town?
I said, Baby, what you gonna do in town?
I’m gonna talk to those young men very soon
All tonight till tomorrow noon
And tell ’em how my man he really puts me down.
Tell ’em how my man he really puts me down.

Baby, please don’t go to town
I said, Baby please don’t go to town
Cause when you’re flirtin’and full of gin
One of those boys is gonna do you in
And your man, he won’t be around.
Your own man, he won’t be around.

Copyright 1964 by Niela Halleck (now Miller)
WPVC Music Co.
190 Waverly Place

Niela Miller states:

Billy was my boyfriend in 1956 which is when he learned the song, so your instinct about it sounding like an older type of song was correct, except that that progression hadn’t been used in pop music. The song (Baby, Please Don’t Go to Town) was written circa 54-55 but I didn’t copyright it(along with a bunch of others) till the sixties under the name Niela Miller Horn (with WPVC Music Co.) ie Miller is my maiden name and the name I have now. Halleck was my name at the time I wrote the song. Horn was my second husband and my name at the time I copyrighted the song in 64.

E-mail to Jan Marius
(January 5, 2004)

About Niela Miller

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