Hey Joe Versions now at https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/

Dear all,

Hey Joe Versions has been moved from franzen.tk to https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/

Please update your bookmarks!

Franzen.tk will be closed and I lost heyjoe.org 3 years ago. This is the only address for
Hey Joe Versions (By Jan Marius): https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/

There are still some references to my page Hey joe Versions  with old  URL’s like franzen.tk, heyjoe.org and URL’s beginning with members.casema.nl/ja……. .
If  you can correct some of these links I would be very grateful.

Also I would be grateful if you make a link to Hey Joe Versions
( https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/)

Apart from the blog you can find information about the song and the many versions on this site, like who write the song and who recorded first:

Hey Joe – Introduction

List of the versions of Hey Joe (Over 1600!)

More about the song Hey Joe

Original lead sheet and lyrics

More information about Billy Roberts and the tale  https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/more-about-billy-roberts/

Please enjoy and feel free to comment!

Sincerely, Jan Marius

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2 Responses to Hey Joe Versions now at https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/

  1. AiXeLsyD13 says:

    This is a great resource! I have had a blog post in draft mode for weeks now, was poking around online for heyjoe.org (from memory of a visit years ago) and found this site. What a valuable resource! You kick ass for putting all the time & work into this.

  2. John Besharian says:

    As a member of “Grits”, and having known Billy since 1969, I think I may have some input to add to this project from time to time. First of all, I believe Stevie Gurr has the closest contact with Billy, at least as far as I know. Billy’s producer on the Grits album,”Thoughts of California”, Hillel Resner, should also be another close contact. Harold Aceves (our drummer from Quicksilver) has passed, as has Joe E. Covington, our other drummer on that project. Bobby Flurie (guitar) and Peter Albin (Bass player from Big Brother) are still around as is Steve Davis (pedal Steel player from Commander Cody). Unfortunately, I have to close of now.

    John “J. B.” Besharian

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