Hey Joe Versions now at https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/

Dear all,

Hey Joe Versions has been moved from franzen.tk to https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/

Please update your bookmarks!

Franzen.tk will be closed and I lost heyjoe.org 3 years ago. This is the only address for
Hey Joe Versions (By Jan Marius): https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/

There are still some references to my page Hey joe Versions  with old  URL’s like franzen.tk, heyjoe.org and URL’s beginning with members.casema.nl/ja……. .
If  you can correct some of these links I would be very grateful.

Also I would be grateful if you make a link to Hey Joe Versions
( https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/)

Apart from the blog you can find information about the song and the many versions on this site, like who write the song and who recorded first:

Hey Joe – Introduction

List of the versions of Hey Joe (Over 1600!)

More about the song Hey Joe

Original lead sheet and lyrics

More information about Billy Roberts and the tale  https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/more-about-billy-roberts/

Please enjoy and feel free to comment!

Sincerely, Jan Marius

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One Response to Hey Joe Versions now at https://heyjoeversions.wordpress.com/

  1. AiXeLsyD13 says:

    This is a great resource! I have had a blog post in draft mode for weeks now, was poking around online for heyjoe.org (from memory of a visit years ago) and found this site. What a valuable resource! You kick ass for putting all the time & work into this.

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